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The personal analysis, coursework, and supervision that comprise psychoanalytic training provide a foundation for graduates’ professional activities throughout their careers. The Institute seeks to ensure that teachers and Training and Supervising Analysts are of outstanding quality. In conjunction with the Institute Curriculum Subcommittee, the Faculty Subcommittee works to select and maintain the highest caliber of teachers for the various courses in the Institute curriculum. The Education Committee makes educational decisions regarding available faculty members on the basis of reports by the Faculty Subcommittee. The members of the subcommittee are Institute Faculty members appointed by the Education Committee Chair.

The Faculty Subcommittee recommends standards for the appointment of faculty. It also reviews faculty annually for reappointment or advancement up to the rank of Teaching Analyst, or for emeritus faculty appointments. The subcommittee utilizes questionnaires completed by both senior and junior faculty regarding the performance of their co-teachers in making determinations of faculty performance. In addition, Candidates provide feedback on faculty performance to the subcommittee in two ways. Each candidate is asked to write a review of each course once a year. Each Candidate class also meets once a year with a designated Faculty Representative to the Education Committee to provide group feedback on the teachers for that semester. Finally, we currently have a pilot project to develop a method that Candidates and supervisors could use together to evaluate the supervisory experience. The Faculty and Curriculum Subcommittees utilize all of these reports and questionnaires in making decisions about reappointment and promotion. Recommendations for Teaching Assistant (the initial teaching level) are considered as they are forwarded by senior faculty members.

The Institute, through the selection and assessment of its Training and Supervising Analysts, seeks to ensure that the training analysis and the supervision of psychoanalytic work of Candidates are of the highest quality. It is also the responsibility of the Institute to ensure that the training analyses of all Candidates and all supervised psychoanalytic treatments undertaken by Candidates fully observe the Practice Guidelines and the Principles of Ethics of the American Psychoanalytic Association.

Policies and procedures for faculty appointment and re-appointment are outlined in the document, “Faculty Appointment Procedures and Standards.” This document also specifies the qualifications and procedures for appointment as Training and Supervising Analyst, Supervising Child Analyst, or Associate Supervising Child Analyst. This document is available upon request from the Institute office.


Teaching, Training and Supervising Analysts  Teaching Analysts
* Paula G. Atkeson, Ph.D. Yulia Aleshina, Ph.D.
* Earle Baughman, M.D. Anita Bryce, Ph.D., BCD-P
Silvia M.V. Bell, Ph.D. Lynn Bulger, Ph.D.
Jill Berkowitz, M.D. Martin A. Ceaser, M.D.
Judith M. Chertoff, M.D. Diane V. Daum, M.D.
* George E. Gallahorn, M.D. Danille Drake, Ph.D.
Samuel T. Goldberg, M.D. F. Rodney Drake, M.D.
Noreen J. Honeycutt, Ph.D. Michael D. Jasnow, Ph.D.
Barry J. Landau, M.D. Barbara P. Jones, Ph.D.
Kathleen R. Miller, Ph.D.  Joy Kassett, Ph.D.
Aimée R. Nover, Ph.D.   S. Kalman Kolansky, M.D.
*Robert A. Nover, M.D.  Susan Munford, Psy.D
Charles E. Parks, Ph.D.  Barbara J. Novak, M.D.
Jay A. Phillips, M.D. Laurie S. Orgel, M.D.
* Mavis L. Wylie, Ph.D.  Monroe Pray, M.D.
  Rachel Z. Ritvo, M.D.
* Accepts no new training analysands  Maria Graciela Steiger, M.D.
   Arthur H. Stein, M.D.
Teaching, Training and Supervising Analysts  
Joseph S. Bierman, M.D.  
Boyd L. Burris, M.D.  
Dorothy E. Holmes, Ph.D.  
Jocelyn S. Malkin, M.D.  
Paul E. Roberts, M.D.  


Training and Supervising Analysts Emeritus Teaching Analysts
Emeritus Raymond I. Band, M.D.
Barbara P. Jones, Ph.D. Sheila Hafter Gray, M.D.
Barbara J. Novak, M.D.  Robert A. Lessey, M.D.
  Wally H.M. Libel, M.D.
  George W. Roark, Jr., M.D.
  Edward T. Schnoor, M.D.
  Bruce H. Sklarew, M.D.
   Lex B. Smith, M.D.
  William Strathmann, M.D.


Supervisors: Child and Adolescent Analysis
Paula C. Atkeson, Ph.D.
Silvia M.V. Bell, Ph.D.
Jill Miller, Ph.D.
Charles E. Parks, Ph.D.


Associate Supervisors: Child and Adolescent Analysis 
Laurie S. Orgel, MD


Emeritus Supervisor:  Child & Adolescent Analysis
Jocelyn S. Malkin, M.D.


Associate Teaching Analysts Corresponding Teaching Analysts
Patti Amsel, LCSW-C Robert A. Blum, M.D.
Jennifer Babcock, Psy.D. Teresa Cochran, Ph.D.
Kim Bullock, MD  
Caroline K. James, Ph.D. Corresponding Associate Teaching Analysts
Marilyn Martin, M.D. John G. Cowl, M.D. 
Tamara Razi, M.D.  
Amy Urdang, L.C.P.C.